Our Process

The Strategic and Tactical Approach to Investment Selection


Market Analysis

Assessing the market to determine if it appears to be supporting higher prices or if prices are likely to decline.  Macro level insights is reviewed and assessed on a periodic basis. 


Sector Analysis

Looking at various sectors (e.g., energy, commodities, real estate, etc.) to determine those that can support higher prices.  Sector analysis involving macro, economic, technical and market cycle factors is used to identify attractive and unattractive sectors in the market.


Fundamental Research

Examining the investment’s financial strength, future growth, profitability prospects and current management skills to determine if the price is over- or under-valued.  Industry and company specific research is obtained to provide better insight into potential holdings.  


Technical Analysis

Studying stock-trading patterns using charts, trend lines, support/resistance levels and other quantitative tools to forecast movements in the price of an investment.  In contrast to fundamental research, which helps to determine whether the instrument merits your investment, technical analysis helps determine when you should invest in it.  We subscribe to various programs to allow us use these methodologies and to offer a logical, organized method to monitoring investment positions.


Risk Management

Regularly reviewing your portfolio to determine what, if any, appropriate measures need to be taken to meet client objectives while keeping you informed on a systematic, timely basis.